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We envision a world where anyone, anywhere has the power to transform their lives through learning. We train youth to be relevant in the digital economy and support them to secure their dream job too.
At SkilloVilla, we have made it our mission to support young graduates in enhancing their learnings and transform it into big earnings.
80% of the 1.5 million engineers that graduate every year remain unemployed or are employed in low skill jobs
In a world where technology evolves by the day, and educational institutions’ curriculums find it difficult to upgrade to rapidly changing industry needs, upskilling becomes the need of the hour for young graduates who are ready to enter the real world of opportunities. As able companions, we drive young talent to refine their abilities with a nifty finesse and thrive in an evolving technology-empowered industry.
We strive to bridge the skills gap and propel a graduate’s career with an industry-aligned curriculum that is not included in regular college syllabi.
While we support the novice professionals to become future-ready, our team of hiring experts connects them to employers from over 300 partner companies to help explore opportunities and secure the jobs of their dreams.
SkilloVilla is a platform where one can hone their abilities and gain access to companies anywhere across the globe irrespective of their education and economic backgrounds. Aiding youngsters to land the job of their dreams and craft a niche in the careers that they desire is what keeps us going. Right from upskilling, resume creation, mock interviews to finding suitable placements with the right companies, we have your backs at all times.
People behind SkilloVilla
Ronak Agrawal
Ronak Agrawal
Co-Founder and CEO
IIT Delhi
Rajat Agrawal
Rajat Agrawal
Co-Founder and CTO
IIIT Hyderabad
Deepak Kharol
Deepak Kharol
Co-Founder and COO
IIT Delhi

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